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Food and Wine 美食與好酒

(中文) 環遊世界美食四日夏令營

時間:8月4 -7日上午9:30 – 11:30
年齡:8歲以上及大人均可,每日2 小時,共計四天,學生每天將會帶一些食物回家分享給家人試吃,請自備容器(上課前會解說容器大小)。


Mexico: Hand made tortilla, tomatillo salsa, chicken quesadillas
Italy: Hand rolled meat balls with oven roasted tomato sauce, Parmesan garlic bread
USA: Meet loaf and BBQ sauce, twice baked potato, home made vanilla Ice cream
France: French Omelet, home made mayonnaise, profiteroles

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(中文) 環遊世界美食五日夏令營

時間:8月11- 15日上午9:30 – 11:30
年齡:8歲以上均可,每日2 小時,共計五天,學生每天將會帶一些食物回家分享給家人試吃,請自備容器(上課前會解說容器大小)。歡迎家長帶小孩一起參加,成為親子活動。


Germany 德國: Spaetzle, apple strudel.
Italy 義大利: Lasagna with béchamel sauce and tomato sauce, Biscotti
Mexico 墨西哥: Taco party, guacamole, Mexican wedding cake
USA 美國: Chicken pot pie, brownie
France法國: Potato tart tartin, crame brulée

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Little Magic Chef Summer Camp — Italian Cuisine

Time: June 17-18 Am 9:30 – Pm 5:30, June
Location: Miggi’s Kitchen
Age: 9-13, 8 hours daily: Day 2 with a buffet served to invited guests (1 guests per student included, second guest is $15). June18, guests arrival time is Pm 5:00. Student will take some food home, that is made in the class each day.
Language: This is a Chinese speaking class with some English. Recipe is in English only.
Hand on. $ 250 per student, Maximum 12 students

This two days summer camp including learning:
• Kitchen safety and sanitation
• Food preparation, measurement method
• Cooking and baking techniques
• Table setting and manners
• And much more…

What we are going to learn: (dishes is not limited to below)
• Homemade Yogurt and Yogurt dish
• Yogurt Cheese Cake
• Italian Spinach Gnocchi
• Potato savory cake
• Italian Salad
• Chicken Masala
• Frozen Gelato

Please email Chef Miggi for register

(中文) 2014年5月16日廣播節目


Sipping Friday–Zifandel

This is a monthly event I post in Meetup.com. This group name is

“Tri-Valley and Bay Area Foodies”. Each member bring a bottle of wine to share with everyone. There are limited to maxim 16 people can attend each event. (Or 32 people)

In this event we tasted eight wine:
2008 Ancient Peaks, Paso Robles Zinfandel/ ALC. 15%
2009 Mitchell Katz, Zinfandel, Livermore/ALC.14.9%
2007 Saxon Brown, Zinfandel, Sonoma County/ALC. 15%
2003 Ballentine, Block 9 Reserve Zinfandel, Napa Valley/ALC.15.2%
2007 Matane, Primitivo Di Manduria (Zinfandel from Italy)/ ALC.14%
2006 Truett-Hurst, Red Rooster Old Vine Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley Sonoma/ALC.15%
2009 Seghesio, Sonoma County/ALC.15%
2008 Paraduxx, Zinfadel, Napa valley/ALC.14.6%

May 9, 2014 Radio Show

May 2, 2014 Radio Show


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(中文) 2014年4月18日電台節目