Food and Wine 美食與好酒
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”Many THANKS to Miggi who’s done an excellent job for the dinner, the appetizer, salad, soup, pasta, and fillet mignon were so tasty (she must spent many hours), and paired well with Rhone’s Chauteauneuf Du Pape, Bordeau’s Clerk Milon, and Napa’s Caymus Special Selection (my favorite). The dessert also completemented the gourmet coffee Charles brewed. We had wonderful time and created beautiful memories that we’ll treasure. Many thanks to Miggi, for sure that we’ll ask for her help in our future events.“– Poucheng Wang April 9, 2012

“ I’m really delighted that I got to participate in one of your classes Friday. It encouraged me to join this club. I am very excited to continue to take your classes in the future.”– Christina

“ I am interested in signing up your class. I am 52 years old with 2 outgrown boys (24 and 21), but I was never a good cook to my family. Now I like to change the reputation. Is this class teaching in English or Mandarin? Thanks! ”– Theresa

“ It was so pleased to see you and your today red wine tasting in Sunnyvale.  I read some of your writings before.  I was so amazed by your everything and wishing to meet you ” — Diana

“My son who is 10th grade in high school and doesn’t like to eat veggie, so I would like to know how to cook some yummy veggie dishes either American or Chinese style is fine, so he can be more balance for his diet.” — Michelle Wu

“I enjoyed your presentation in “Women’s Workshop” today (4/3). I would love to take all your classes. —Jean

“I had a wonderful time learning at your class this morning. I tried to select couple different red wine for my friend’s husband at his birthday. His favorite wine is ‘Stag’s Leap’, ‘Shafer’, ‘Pual Hobbs’. You have suggested ‘Chianti Classical reserva’, ‘Amarone’. Do you have other suggestion? Thank you very much for your guidance. I am also interested in participate 4/11 cooking demonstration at Saratoga became I am also lived in Saratoga area. The other class will be 5/2 French cuisine at Dublin. Best Regards,”– Grace Wang

“I got your website and Soufflés recipe from Distinctive Taste February 2009.

I really appreciated you share your “Soufflés”. I tried once but I didn’t make it right.  Anyway, I will keep trying until I make it.

I like the way you present to us.”– Lulu

“My friend-Jean strongly recommends your cooking class, so I want to try.”– Brigid Chen

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